Society issues are never ending. Even after solving an issue, another one arises out of the blue. Keeping a track is always a challenge. It is considered to be very effective in managing complaints and issues from different residents. It can track all individual and community complaints at one place and communicate the status updates to the society people. Thus it also tracks unresolved issues.

It provides automation for maintaining books of accounts and files and maintaining daily receipts and expenditures of an apartmet complex thus riding managers of the tedious manual work and possibility of human error. Most importantly it is a vital step towards paperless transaction.

People of a society can actively take part in various society polls through digital media and ensure secrecy and still share their opinion regarding society matters. This is making it easy to collect opinions of individual residents on upcoming events or decisions. Thus enforcing policies in the form of police verification for rented apartments and communication to new residents and tenants to abide by the same has become a initiative. Modern lifestyles demand managing modern assets like vehicles and thus proper parking. It has ideal features that help to keep up with the standards of the modern society and thus manage every modern facility. It has important features like registeration of domestic help to ensure security. It can be customized to meet the needs of the modern society moving towards globalistion.

Our Features

Auto Billing & Receipt

Income & Expense Management

Accounting Management

Bank Reconciliation

Notice Board

Meeting Management

Complaint Management

Visitor Management

Parking Management


Resident Directory

Vendor Directory

Vehicle Directory

Tenant Directory

I & J Register

AMC & Service Management

Asset Management

Facility Management

Member Ledger

SMS & Email Integration

Payment Gateway Integration